Human Sacrifice at famous Kamakhya Temple: 

March 05, 2012 11:51
Human Sacrifice at famous Kamakhya Temple: 

Human head at Kamakhya temple was found and the locals say it is human sacrifice as similar incidents happened earlier. Police investigating the issue are yet to confirm human sacrifice.

In a weird incident a head of a man was found wrapped in a plastic cover on the roads to the famous Kamakhya Temple in Assam on Friday. The head created a flutter in the Nilachal hill town. Police said the head was found in a plastic bag along with a piece of paper that had religious hymns written on it. But police are yet to probe whether the head was meant for sacrifice. Interestingly a journal of the Assam Research Society published in 1933 says people were sacrificed till early 18th century in Assam.

Situated in the Nilachal Hill, Assam, Kamakhya or Shakti temple is dedicated to various forms of mother goddess. Hindu and tantric pilgrims often consider this place an important destination. Chilarai from the Koch dynasty constructed this temple in 1565. The original old structure was believed to be destroyed by Kala Pahar but the current structure consists of three chambers with idols and images of lord Ganesha and other Hindu gods and goddesses on the outside and a beehive like shikhara. Worshipers consider this place a sacred sacrificial site and devotees often go there with goats and other animals as offerings to Shakti. According to Kalika Purana, Kamakhya is described as yielder of all desired, Shiva’s young bride and salvation giver. Kamakhya is also known as Shakti.

Interesting Legend about the Temple: The demon Narakasura fell in love with Goddess Kamakhya once and he wanted to marry her. But as a goddess cannot marry a demon or asura, Goddess Kamakhya played a trick to save herself. She laid a condition that she would marry him only if he builds a temple for her within one night. Narakasura agreed to it and almost finished building the temple overnight. This scared Goddess Kamakhya and before the final steps of the temple were completed, a cock was sent to cry cock-a-doodle-do to announce the arrival of the morning, before it was actually dawn. This made Narakasura very angry and he killed the cock on that spot. But according to the condition Narakasura couldn't marry Goddess Kamakhya after that. It is said that the present Kamakhya temple is the same that Narakasura had made for the Goddess. (With inputs from internet: AarKay)

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