Poor Saif says Kareena, Villain Saif say others

February 25, 2012 13:01
Poor Saif says Kareena, Villain Saif say others

Saif was provoked and that was the reason he reacted, says his beau Kareena, but others say Saif acted highhandedly in the issue. Who is correct…. Only investigations will reveal.

Well yaar I think this is going too much for Saif Ali Khan, Iqbal Sharma, you and me. The two are perturbed because of the brawl. And we are in a different way. Arey how many versions can we listen yaar!! Ok it is true the people involved in a brawl will definitely speak only their side of the story. But we need a CCTV footing which is there in almost all areas in the Taj, is missing in the private sections. Ok now this will be a lesson for the management to learn in future to have CCTV in this section also, courtesy to our Nawab.

So now getting back to the versions, Kareena openly came in support of her beau, which was but natural. The tinsel world diva said that Saif was provoked and that resulted in the brawl. But eyewitness seems to have given another version to a leading magazine. Whatever be the reasons some points have to agree upon by all of us. In the first stance celebrities become sitting ducks for publicity mongers. Next considering the fact that the brawl did take place weirdly at whose ever behest, is hitting the other person so much ferociously, right?

In his shoes all of us would definitely react in a similar fashion, but with lesser intensity. The most important priority would be to shift the ladies to a safer corner, than get into a bloody duel. Well let leave the job to the Law, to judge who is the accused and the victim. But these things have to be considered while we judge the issue.  (With inputs from internet: AarKay)

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