Hot…Hotter….Hottest, Sunny Leone races ahead

Feb 07 ,2012 13:26 PM
Hot…Hotter….Hottest, Sunny Leone races ahead

New blood always gives new encouragement, true keeping that in mind we thought we would make a small compilation of the Canadian porn star, Sunny Leone and present it to the readers for appeasing their eye balls…. Just for reader enrichment. The star is all set to launch a strong anchor in the coming days on B-Wood shores. Bad for the local stuff… my sincere alert to the Malliks, the Sawanths, the Katti’s and slowly to the Kapoors and ….. More.

Also a sincere alert to the lover boys and play boys of B-Wood, a gorgeous damsel has arrived from a different planet with hot looks and seductive personality…. Beware!!! Sunny has been brought to B-Wood by none other than Mahesh Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt. She is to stare in their next flick of body exposure, JISM-2. The lady reveals that loves India and would be a dream comes true if she finds success in Hindi Films. Her next flicks in the row are Murder 3 and Sher Khan.

Sunny_Leone_Big_ Boss_01
Sunny_Leone_Big_ Boss_02
Sunny_Leone_Big_ Boss_03
Sunny_Leone_Big_ Boss_04
Sunny_Leone_Big_ Boss_05
Sunny_Leone_Big_ Boss_06
Sunny_Leone_Big_ Boss_07
Sunny_Leone_Big_ Boss_08
Sunny_Leone_Big_ Boss_09

Watch out guys it is our time to go over board and wait for the hot releases. Our movies are no less glamorous than their Canadian counterparts. Wohi toh bath hain!!!!

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