Chronic Sinusitis-can be cured!

January 17, 2013 17:53
Chronic Sinusitis-can be cured!

Dr. Mukherjee says: I still vividly remember how my cousin used to writhe in pain during winter. I was too small to come to her aid. But I could, even at that tender age, realize that she was suffering immensely. It was sinusitis. Sinusitis is an inflammation or infection that occurs in the sinuses. The sinuses are four sets of open spaces within the bones of the skull. The problem actually starts when the linings of the nasal passages swell and block the ducts that leads to the sinuses, preventing its free drainage. And that leads to congestion. The swelling and blockage leads to bacterial infection in the sinuses.


When sinuses are blocked the symptoms include headache, earache, toothache, facial pain with marked tenderness over forehead and cheek bones. Along with it there may be high fever, loss of ability to smell and bad breath. Swelling, puffiness and drainage from the eyes, can be danger signals of a more serious condition. If left untreated sinusitis can lead to meningitis or pneumonia chronic sinusitis.

It can also cause asthma. In several cases sinusitis occurs with the onset of cold food allergies, especially sensitivity to milk and daily products are common sources in allergic sinusitis.

Exposure to environmental pollutants, including smoke can make a person allergic to sinusitis.


Saline flushes can be used to cleanse the noses four to six times a day. In case of chronic sinusitis, all diary products should be eliminated from a diet as it might increase the production of mucus and block the nasal passage. Monitor the level of congestion throughout the period. A warm, moist compress of water and ginger helps to drain the area and relieve congestion.

Prevention: Exposure to smoke (especially cigarette and smoke emanating from embers) should be avoided as much as possible to prevent respiratory infections.


Fepar sulphur is helpful in sinus infections when the nasal discharge is yellow or yellow-green. Sanguineria can be helpful when the thick yellowish nucous discharge, worsened by cold becomes too much to bear.

In acute or chronic sinusitis KALIBICHROM works as a wondrous medicine. Pulsatilla can be used for treating chronic cold accompanied by loss of smell and yellow green phlegm. For cases which turn worse due to the early morning chill, Sulphu Merc Sol can be used to treat stuffed nose and bad breath.

Note: Medicines have to be taken under supervision of the medical experts. For more information and treatment call on: Phone : +91-040-23753977 Mobile : 9885193009                   (Dr. K .Mukherjee)  

(AW:Samrat Biswas)

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