Stuffy Nose And Remedies For Quick Cure

October 12, 2012 09:52
Stuffy Nose And Remedies For Quick Cure

Stuffy nose is a common symptom of flu, cough and cold and sinus. It becomes difficult for you to breath and swallow as the wind pipe shrinks and is filled with mucus. Blocked nose hinders you from breathing properly and constant flow of excessive mucus can lead to nose infection.

Here are some home remedies for stuffy nose:

1.On one the earliest remedies of stuffy nose is to rub some mustard oil on the bridge of your nose and on the two sides. The pungent smell of mustard oil will help loosen the mucus and flow out. Thus clearing your nose.

2.Roast some cumin seeds and while it is smoky tie it up in a cotton cloth. Inhale this smoke to treat nose infection and get rid of blocked nose.

3.Put few numbers of eucalyptus flowers in boiling water and inhale the steam. Eucalyptus is well known for anti-viral properties and thus, will clear your nose as well as cure the infection. You can also put two drops of eucalyptus oil in the nostrils.

4.Crush some onion and smell it. The pungent smell of onion will loosen the mucus and thus help you get rid of blocked nose.

5.To not bathe during cough and cold is a myth. Infact, you should take bath in hot water. This does not allow the mucus to get stuffed. This also helps prevent nose infection.

These home remedies for stuffy nose, will work wonders and also treat headache caused due to cold. Home remedies for stuffy nose can also treat other cold symptoms like fatigue, eye strain etc.

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