Amir, scene kya hai boss?

Sep 14 ,2011 15:46 PM

amirkhanAs I always tell you, the film industry and the celebs are most unpredictable. One day, we compliment on the behavior and the maturity levels of a celeb, very soon we are forced to tell that even this celeb started showing off the darker side of him.

Recently, I have tagged Amir Khan as one of the well behaved actors of B â€" Town who is in good terms with every actor. But, with the comments made by Amir, it is clearly evident that he is supporting Salman Khan and downsizing Shah Rukh Khan.

Recently, after watching his ‘good friend’ Salman Khan’s latest release ‘Body Guard’, Amir has complimented Salman to be the number one hero at the box office. Well, this is very positive compliment.

But, the same Amir, post the audio launch of Shah Rukh’s ‘Ra.One’, in a public event, when asked about how he likes ‘Chammak Challo’ that is wooing the B â€"Town now, Amir says ‘what is ‘Chammak Challo’. I have not listened to the songs and neither have any idea about the same’. Well, not is a position to buy your answer Amirji.

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