For a ‘scar’ free skin…

Apr 14 ,2012 18:45 PM
For a ‘scar’ free skin…

Not just pimples, Tan and the texture of your skin, even those scars are the hurdle of your beauty. I understand and believe it is so very difficult to get rid of scars, but nothing is impossible. Along with taking a treatment under the guidance of an expert from scars, here are some more tips you could follow to get rid of scars;

Cocoa butter helps to treat the scars on a major extent


You can include honey in your diet, as well as apply it directly on the scared area

Tomato Paste:

You should eat fresh tomatoes always and put some slices on the affected area for about 20 to 30 minutes before taking a bath

Uses of Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera plants are easy to find, especially in swampy areas. Of course you can also buy them. Just pluck one out of the branches, squeezed the gel out and apply it on the scared area every morning and night.


Hydration involves drinking a lot of germs free water. It might not seem obvious, but this has a positive effect on your skin.

Green leaf:

Green leaf vegetable consumption is another good way for getting rid of acne/acne scars naturally. Green leaf freshens up skin tissues and body glands.

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