Tone your body, Right!

March 01, 2012 12:36
Tone your body, Right!

Right shape, right personality and right attitude, in short these can be catered as the perfect definitions for a perfect beauty… not only getting in shape, it also important for you to tone your body accordingly. Here are some tips that can help you tone your figure;

a. Push-Ups - One minute b. Sit-Ups- One minute c. Squats/Calf Raises- Two minutes. Do one squat, then go up on your toes for one calf raise. d. Triceps Dips- 30-45 seconds. Your triceps are usually not as strong as your biceps so you may get tired faster. e. Leg Lifts- 30-45 seconds

Repeat this set of exercises 3 times in a row for 6 days per week. Don't stop for more than 20 seconds between each set. You will get a great cardio workout because your heart rate will not have a chance to come back down to normal for 30-45 minutes. Your muscles will get more tone quickly from the resistance from gravity in your exercises.

Hold a weight in each hand, stand up straight and hang your arms by your sides. Bend your knees slightly and tighten your abdominal muscles. Step your right foot forward 36 inches and stack your right knee over your right ankle. Lift onto the toes of your left foot.
Lower your hips toward the ground, bending your knees as you descend toward the floor. Stop before your left knee touches the ground. Turn your fingertips toward your shoulders, press your upper arms against your sides and lift the weights toward your shoulders.
Push up through the heel of your right foot, return to standing and lower your arms. Step your left foot forward next to your right foot. Step forward 36 inches with your left foot and do another lunge and curl. Continue lunging and curling until you complete 20 lunges.

Your body will burn fat away from on top of your muscles from cutting back your calories, doing cardio every day, and the metabolism boost from the muscle toning workout. Follow this plan and you'll start to see improved muscle tone in your body in two weeks.

Remember, it could be any form of exercise, be it dance, sweating out at a gym, swimming, aerobics or even walking… for any reason, you stop doing the same and continue eating what you want without keeping a check on your diet and absolutely not burning all those extra kilos, then please don’t even get worried about those extra kilos that make you look completely out in shape…

End of the day, you would get a result of what you have done!

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