Heavy rush at Tirumala

Apr 28 ,2012 10:50 AM
Heavy rush at Tirumala

Heavy rush was reported in Tirumala on Saturday. While the average time to have a glimpse of the deity would be around two to four hours in special darshan queue, the line is said to be moving very slowly with darshan taking more than six hours. And people in free darshan are reportedly waiting hours together. All the compartments—queue complexes—have been filled with devotees and queue lines stretched outside.

For people in free darshan queue lines, it is taking around 25 hours for taking the darshan of Lord Sri Venkateshwara Swamy. Heavy rush was also reported at laddu counters.

Meanwhile, the authorities are taking measures for starting maha-lagu darshanam—very swift darshan of Lord Balaji—for the convenience of the devotees.

Today being Saturday, which is considered as the favourite day of the deity in Tirumala, a large number devotees thronged temple to seek blessings. (Phani)

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