TRS polit bureau meeting gets underway

Apr 16 ,2012 19:11 PM
TRS polit bureau meeting gets underway

The TRS party polit bureau meetings got underway on Monday. Headed by the party president K Chandrashekara Rao, the polit bureau is going to discuss the strategy of by-poll and the candidature for Parakala constituency. The polit bureau is also likely to introspect over the defeat in Mahabubnagar constituency recently.

The polit burea of TRS is also likely to discuss several issues pertaining to the party’s future including the strategy that it had to follow over its separate statehood and the policy that it has adopt in the upcoming parliament sessions.

It may be noted that TRS, which has reportedly in political hibernation for quite sometime, is now trying apparently looking for strengthening the party in the region as other political parties such as BJP kick started campaigns in support of statehood. Notably, BJP state president Kishan Rao has started off the Bharosa Yatra to appeal people not to commit suicides. (Phani)

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