No rift between me and Salman: Sonakshi

Apr 18 ,2012 17:45 PM
No rift between me and Salman: Sonakshi

Dabang fame Sonakshi Sinha has cleared the doubts in the air regarding her rift with Bollywood’s bad boy Salman Khan. Sonakshi, the daughter of Shatrughan Sinha, has made it clear that there were no rifts between her and Salman Khan.

She has said that it was Salman Khan who noticed the actor in her and persuaded to accept Dabang, which became a huge success for actress if not for the story.  Youths were chanting the name of Sonakshi while newspapers were highlighting that she was Bollywood’s best debutant actress.

After the success of Dabang, many offers poured in—for her as well as for Salman Khan. They both were busy in doing their projects while some magazines were publishing that was rift going on between the duo, she added.

The news stated that Sonakshi was busy meeting big personalities of Bollywood post Dabang, including Shahrukh Khan, the rival of Salman Khan.

Sonakshi has also mentioned that Salman Khan was her mentor. She has great respect for Salman Khan and why would she have any problem with him, she added.

It may be mentioned here that Salman and Arbaaz Khan saw Sonakshi at a fashion show and persuaded her to act in Dabang. Although she initially hesitated, see eventually accepted and she was shot into limelight in no time. (Phani)

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