Bad sex ratio in China forces men to pay bride price

April 25, 2012 17:52
Bad sex ratio in China forces men to pay bride price

Associating women with money is perhaps one of the barbarous acts that society adopted ages ago. Whereas woman always falls prey in this deadly game, the situation seems to be vice-versa in China. With demand for brides touching the peak in China, the parents of young women are having all reasons to smile. The bridegrooms are now shelling out thousands of yuans for holding the hands of their dream partners.

The experts observed that ration between men and women dropped to great extent with many families looking forward to boys before they conceive. The parents blessed with boys perhaps didn’t know that their sons have to hurt the pockets to find their better halves.

Also, the weddings are apparently leaving people in China in financial distress. A mother of a bridegroom, Tan said that her family had given 30,000 yen to get home daughter-in-law and their financial condition was bad after paying bride price.  One of the groom’s had a different story all together. He called off the wedding after his in-laws demanded 1,00,000 yen.

Notably, the scholars are predicting that by 2020, over 20 million men would be forced to remain bachelors due to bad sex ratio.

What would be the situation in China if the same thing continues? Will couple of persons share a single wife or people there try and get wives from other countries are million dollar questions! (Phani)

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