For a right upper body shape!

April 20, 2012 12:39
For a right upper body shape!

It’s not just being fat or thin, even the irregular body shape of ours might be a constraint for our worry.

This will further put us in a fix as to what to wear, how to look and how to carry our overall personality. Above the rest all, even the fat that has accumulated in our hands and upper body might cause much of pain to us. Here are some quick tips to reduce the fat in your hands and upper arms;

in order to get rid of hand fats, it is important to understand the root cause of the problem. Given the fact that junk food is such a common meal option owing to the convenience it offers in our fast paced lives, it is easy to forget that this type of food actually deprives our bodies of the essential minerals, proteins and vitamins that it requires to remain well maintained. The only component that these foods contain are empty calories - which serve no other purpose than simply being converted into fat cells and stored within the fat tissue of the body - in your case, the arms more often than other parts. Make sure that you consume healthy fruits and vegetables while also switching to foods that contain unsaturated fats, whole grain type carbohydrates and lean meats. Make sure you remain hydrated at all times as well.

You can reduce hand fat and arm fat by following a regular exercise routine that includes exercises that target these problem areas. Exercising with dumbbells is also a good option as this helps to tone the muscles and reduce hand fat. Hand fats can be stubborn and so it may take a few weeks to notice any changes but it is important to stick to your exercise schedule. You will need to make sure that your exercise routine includes at least one simple biceps exercise to reduce hand fat. Brisk walking is also a great exercise to reduce hand fat as it helps to increase your metabolic rate, tone your muscles, and the pumping action of your arms while brisk walking helps to reduce hand fat.

Your fingers might naturally be fat. If there are no associated complications, there is nothing to panic. Reducing a particular area of the body is not easy. Dehydration is a typical feature of swollen hands. Improper circulation also causes swelling hands. Sometimes, oedema or accumulation of water results in fat hands and fingers. It is also seen to occur during walking sessions. An occasional arm circle is helpful.

Wear loose fitting clothes without elastics, as constriction by clothes causes inflammation or water retention. Keep your hands relaxed, especially while walking. Sweating results in electrolyte imbalance. Water and salt intake are hindered. Sports drinks or energy drinks are useful. If your hands fail to become normal, post walk, refer to your physician. At certain instances, lack of arm movement also results in fat hands, due to centrifugal force. Walking with your hands below the heart level affects.

Swinging the hands while walking prevents the same. Placing the hands over the head proves beneficial. Carpal tunnel syndrome causes swelling in the wrists. If none of these is the culprit, do not bother about it.

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