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  • Cockroaches in your house?

    Cockroaches in your house?

    Apr :26 |   Cockroaches can be frustrating pests. Once they start growing, there seem to be everywhere. Kitchen, diswasher, and every nook and corner of the house that you cannot reach. The disturbing high pitched sounds they make could cause sleep deprivation. However,… [ Read more ... ]

  • Boiling vegetables

    Boiling vegetables

    Apr :25 |   Cut your time and electricity/gas when you are cooking vegetables and rice/ pasta. You don't have to separately cook rice and then boil vegetables on diffeent stoves. A simple investment will save you a lot on time, gas and electricity.… [ Read more ... ]

  • Tetrapack cartons

    Tetrapack cartons

    Apr :24 |   Finding trouble with the tetrapack cartons that store juice, milk etc when you pour them through the spout of the can? Is is spilling randomly and splash out of the carton? Make two holes on one side of the cap… [ Read more ... ]

  • Spending money wisely

    Spending money wisely

    Apr :23 |   Material expenditures should be limited as much as you can when you can spend the money on some experience rather. Taking a break from work to go on a holiday will help you keep your head cool rather than the… [ Read more ... ]

  • Renting a house?

    Renting a house?

    Apr :22 |   There are several things one must pay attention to when you move to a new house that you might rent. 1. Check all the rooms, for sufficient storage, attics. 2. A flat on the lower levels requires less cooling than… [ Read more ... ]

  • Wilting flowers?

    Wilting flowers?

    Apr :20 |   Decorating your home with a vase of flowers everyday will only make things costlier than ever. Fake flowers have no beauty. Now, that is a tough situation! However, we have a solution. Flowers will not wilt anymore by the end… [ Read more ... ]

  • I know vs You're right

    I know vs You're right

    Apr :19 |   We often tend to say "I know" when people share or suggest something. While it is not the wrong thing to do, strangers who know little of your character might take it arrogance. In certain cases it will also show… [ Read more ... ]

  • Burgers without spillage

    Burgers without spillage

    Apr :18 |   Burgers are one of man's greatest inventions. So, yummy and delicious that you just can't say no to one. However, there is one problem everyone faces with burger, eating it without spilling out all the greasy and cheesy contents of… [ Read more ... ]

  • Trouble with pills

    Trouble with pills

    Apr :17 |   Swallowing pills definitely is a pain in the neck, literally too sometimes. There are several methods you can use to avoid such problems with pills. Take them along with some kind of pudding, yoghurt or other sweeter delights that you… [ Read more ... ]

  • Leave early for work

    Leave early for work

    Apr :16 |   Start to office 20 minutes earlier that you do to reach on time. While you need not be in the office 20 mins earlier, it gives you extra time to relax at the office, stretch out and listen to music… [ Read more ... ]

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