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  • Look your best

    Look your best

    Jun :11 |   Today we all want to capture our best movement. But you have to prepare to look great in every photo whether its for profile or wedding or shooting. "Looking good in front of a camera is all about confidence. Practice… [ Read more ... ]

  • Sleep with awareness

    Sleep with awareness

    Jun :08 |   Sleep with awareness is nothing but yoga nidra used to relax each part of the body. It is a deeply relaxing meditative practice that restores to good condition of body and mind. Many people suffer from a lack of good… [ Read more ... ]

  • Get a serious attitude!

    Get a serious attitude!

    Jun :06 |   Many students have a special talent in perticular subject, so they want to do and enjoy in that topic. But the problem comes when they start other stuff. There is no need to love everything, select one perticular topic that… [ Read more ... ]

  • Understand the opportunity

    Understand the opportunity

    Jun :04 |   During the interview ask questions and exchange information. Inquire about daily roles and responsibilities. Learn about the leadership of the group, management styles, etc. Exchange information and discover mutual interests: Understand career ladders and advancement opportunities Find out what the… [ Read more ... ]

  • Importance of Morning Walk

    Importance of Morning Walk

    Jun :03 |   Morning walks are important during the winter seasons, because that's when our blood becomes thicker and walks help in increasing the rate of blood circulation and as a result, your body gets more oxygen. It warms up your body. Walking… [ Read more ... ]

  • Moving from one room to another?

    Moving from one room to another?

    May :30 |   It definitely is a hard task trying to move your clothes from one room to another regardless of the reasons. It takes in a lot of time and effort. However, take our tips and you shall do the same within… [ Read more ... ]

  • Make your own window cleaner

    Make your own window cleaner

    May :29 |   Not just windows, cleany any smooth and glossy surface and bring back the long lost shine with the cheap preparation made from the following 1 empty spray bottle 1/8 Cup (1oz) White Ammonia 1/4 Cup (4oz) Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 1… [ Read more ... ]

  • Shaving Cream additional uses

    Shaving Cream additional uses

    May :28 |   You can use shaving cream to clean almost any surface; glass, plastic, metal, waterproofed- wood literally anything. Not only is it easy to apply to the surface, but also you can just rinse the surface with a small toothbrush. The… [ Read more ... ]

  • Feeling Bloated?

    Feeling Bloated?

    May :27 |   If you are feeling bloated or gassy, drink half a glass of fizzy drink. The sudden increase of pressure will activate your burp reflex, allowing you to evacuate the gas in your stomach. Try to avoid soft drinks (Coca-cola, Sprite… [ Read more ... ]

  • Picking somebody up at the airport? Bring a bottle of water.

    Picking somebody up at the airport? Bring a bottle of water.

    May :25 |   Commercial flights keep the atmosphere in the plane pretty darn arid during the flight to cut down on human stink and curb some transmission of diseases (possibly other reasons too). Subsequently, when you get off the plane you're going to… [ Read more ... ]

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