Veteran lyricist Jaladi is dead

Oct 14 ,2011 19:07 PM

JaladiVeteran poet and lyric writer Mr Jaladi Rajarao, 79, has passed away today at his house in Visakhapatnam following a prolonged illness.

Popularly known as Jaladi, he has penned several patriotic songs including the all time hit ‘Punyabhoomi na desam’ portrayed by the legendary actor late NT Rama Rao in block buster movie ‘Major Chandrakanth.’

A stickler to rich and meaningful poetry, Mr Jaladi made debut as lyric writer into Tollywood with a folklore hit song ‘Churattuku Jaarutondi Situkku Situkku vaana chukka…’ in the movie ‘Palle Seema’

Jaladi once said, “Gun is required to save the nation and pen to save society. I am aware of my responsibility and wish to bring about reform through my pen.” He remained committed to that principle throughout his film career as a lyricist.

He got a major break in the industry with the movie ‘Pranam Khareedu’ for his song, “Yathamesi thodina yeru yendadu, pogili pogili yeddchina.”  After that, he went on to write lyrics for more than 250 films.

Several film personalities and locals visited his house in Visakhapatnam and paid their tributes to the departed soul.

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