Market Watch 22 Dec | 09:10 AM
    27,701.79 329.95
    8,324.00 98.80
  • USD($) - INR(₹)
    63.2600 -0.08500
  • AUD(A$) - INR(₹)
    51.5543 -0.05628
  • EUR(€) - INR(₹)
    77.5333 0.09567
  • KWD - INR(₹)
    216.1433 -0.31082

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  • Habits of Happy Couple

    Dec :10 |   Chemistry between a couple is the most important aspect. The camaraderie makes them stick to one another which may long for a very long time. Here are few habits of happy couple. Talk, Talk and Talk For any issue, the only solution is dialog proces... [Read more...]

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  • My next film is not on Modi

    Sep :15 |   Director Prakash Jha gave a clarification about his next film and ruled out all the rumors that are surrounding him. Jha, a pro Congress, is known for making films on present issues and mostly related to politics. However Jha said he would be working... [Read more...]

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  • Indian men want women to propose

    Sep :05 |   Men propose to women, this is a orthodox. But Indian men are proving to be different as a recent survey revealed that Indian men want women to propose to first. The survey was conducted on over 6,500 single Indian men in the age group of 25 to 36 acr... [Read more...]

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  • Who is that guy with Ileana

    Jul :19 |   Buxom beauty Ileana has always maintained her personal life away from media. Though many rumours about Ileana's love life popped up, she declined to comment every time. However strengthening the reports, Ileana revealed her rumoured beau pic in her m... [Read more...]

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  • Breathe romance into your marriage

    Jun :30 |   Marriage becomes mundane after few years of togetherness. You can make your relationship with your spouse more interesting by adding romance to it. With a touch of romance into your relationship will feel like the courtship days. You don't need too m... [Read more...]

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  • Nayanatara's new love affair!

    Jun :28 |   Vivacious beauty Nayanatara is back in headlines with her relationship rumors. After two unsuccessful  affairs, Nayan is now linked with Ganesh Venkatraman [Dhamarukam villain]. Apparently Nayan and Ganesh are part of Thani Oruvan movie and the ... [Read more...]

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  • Things a man notices in a woman

    Jun :26 |   Most men appraise a woman in a basic way. It takes only a few seconds for a man to decide whether he likes her look or not. Once they see the basics they make up their mind whether to approach the girl or or let it pass. Even before approaching for ... [Read more...]

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  • What women like in men

    Jun :25 |   Keeping your woman happy is not difficult in a relationship. Just to be careful regarding certain things that women are sensitive about and say things that make them happy. Read on to find out how to keep your girlfriend happy. Women don't like mise... [Read more...]

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  • What women look in a man

    Jun :20 |   Most men consider personal looks to be irrelevant when it comes to impressing women. But the first impression is much more important then we realise. The first impression makes a lasting impression when it it comes to relationship. Read on to know wh... [Read more...]

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  • How to spice up your relationship

    Jun :19 |   Relationships need to be constantly nurtured to prevent boredom from creeping in. This is specially important for couples who have been together for a very long time. Both of you may be very much in love, but due to the mundane life your relationship... [Read more...]

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