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Shankar attracted to Anna Hazaare?

Aug 24 ,2011 18:00 PM

Shankar attracted to Anna HazaareWell, so in the entire nation and film industry is included in the list of the Admirers of this great man, who is known for his honesty and ethical living and who has become a threat to today’s some filthy politicians. Director Shankar also is very much attracted to Anna. This director, who is known for making the films, that more or less question all those ill factors prevailing in the society, is soon planning to make a film on the life History of Anna Hazaare.

As of now, Shankar is busy shooting for his forth coming film after ‘Robo’, ‘Namban’ the remake of B " Town’s block buster ‘3 Idiots’. As soon as Shankar finishes of with the release of this film, he would be concentrating on writing down the script of his another film that he is planning to make based on the life history of a ‘Leader’ Anna Hazaare.

Now, who will be seen as Anna Hazaare, on screen, keeping guessing until the information about the star cast in this film will be out?

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