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Fin system in India strong: RBI Dy. Director

Apr 26 ,2012 16:05 PM
Fin system in India strong: RBI Dy. Director

The Reserve Bank of India deputy director,  K C Chakravarthy has said that the financial system in India is very strong irrespective of surveys and ratings. He has today inaugurated a national level seminar on the country’s financial system in Hyderabad.

Addressing the gathering, Chakravarthy has said that banks can aim at attracting more customers by bringing in significant changes in the service charges. He has also said that the Reserve Bank of India has been trying hard for spreading banking services to even remote villages.

Speaking on inflation, RBI deputy director has made it clear that the Reserve Bank of India would exert pressure on the government at the centre in case if it doesn’t take any measures for bringing down the inflation.

In the wake of these statements on inflation, the government is likely to focus more on measures to bring down the inflation. (Phani)

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