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Polaris showroom opened in Hyd

Apr 20 ,2012 17:57 PM
Polaris showroom opened in Hyd

The off-road vehicles giant Polaris has opened its first dealership today in Hyderabad. Notably, this is the company's ninth dealership in India. The company has launched three new models—ATV, Ranger and Ranger RZR into the Indian market. The prices of these vehicles range between  three lakhs and twenty five lakhs.

The Manging Director of Polaris India has said that these off-road vehicles will be useful in defence and farms besides people can also have joy rides on them.

Addressing the media Dubey said

"The company has introduced about 10 models into India since launch of a subsidiary here. We are open to bringing in other models from the range depending upon what the customers want. We are evaluating the prospect of bringing in electric vehicles and heavy bikes too." "The vehicles are versatile and could be used in tourism centres and police departments, the latter in difficult terrains for extremist activity. We are in talks with military and paramilitary establishments and State tourism departments offering them our vehicles," he added.

The shop name where these vehicles can be purchased in Hyderabad is Garapati Auto Ventures. (Phani)

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