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Suchitra Iyer becomes new CMO of Wipro

Apr 18 ,2012 15:14 PM
Suchitra Iyer becomes new CMO of Wipro

The country’s IT giant, Wipro has shuffled the roles of its two senior executives. Suchitra Iyer has now taken over as the new Chief Marketing Officer. She has replaced Rajan Kohli. Mr. Kohli, on the other hand, will be the head vertical head for the company’s  banking business.

Suchitra Iyer was earlier working as the Country Head for Greater China region. She used to stay at the company office in China and look after the affairs. It may be mentioned that Suchitra Iyer has been associated with Wipro for over 18 years. She worked in different areas including sales, marketing, talent acquisition, strategic alliances, delivery, operations and quality.

Rajan Kohli, on the other hand, too has vast experience and has been associated with Wipro for quite sometime. He took up the charge as the company’s chief marketing officer (CMO) in 2009 when the then CMO left the company to start up her own business.

The company is yet to make an official announcement as to why it shuffled the top deck all of a sudden. (Phani)

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