Bangaru Talli

Jun 20 ,2013 11:49 AM
Bangaru Talli

One of the two prestigious Schemes of the Government of AP 'Bangaru Thalli' that is a Girl Child Promotion and Empowerment Bill was passed yesterday after the main opposition party TDP leaders walked out in protest.  

The Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy was jubilant on passing the Bill as it was already announced by him and a lot of publicity is made on that and also he faced criticism from his own party leaders calling it a unilateral decision.  As the Bill is passed now, it worked as a face saver for him.  

Kiran Kumar said on the occasion when he met women Members of the Assembly after passing of the Bill that the Bill is aimed at the welfare of girl children but unfortunately some of the opposition leaders, without considering the overall benefits the Bill gives to the poor, are commenting that it is made to get popularity and increase the chances of getting more votes in the coming elections.  

The scheme as the Minister for Child Welfare Sunita Laxma Reddy said, is aimed at total empowerment of the women but not only for health care and education of the girl child.  

The scheme called 'Bangaru Thalli' originally was to give benefit only to the SC and ST girl children but now it is extended to the families of below poverty lines (BPL).  


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  • by kota sirisha Friday, 19 September 2014 15:51

    dear sir/mam
    my daughter name is k.khatyayini.she born on jan 2nd 2014and we have applied for bagarutalli patakam and we had given in the municipal office,chandanagar,rangareddy (d.t.).but we did not get any message about it. so please send the detail of when would be get.

    thank you

  • by ashok kumar Thursday, 18 September 2014 12:27

    hello sir;

    sir this bagaruthalli pathkam is avaialable or not we applied inmarh-2014 my douter bith date is 11-02-2014 what the progres sir

  • by Maheshwaram Veugopal Monday, 08 September 2014 11:17

    Respected sir,
    maa daughter peru Maheshwaram Varshitha memu bangaruthallli pathakam apply chesi chala days aindi inthavaraku maku ey bond raledu. Emi cheyalo ela thelusukovalno thelusthaledu maa email id ki vivaralu thelupathara please.

  • by b. komalatha Monday, 18 August 2014 12:05

    i am delivered a female baby on 29-07-2014 nanu bangaruthalli padakam chali anukutunanu kani anganvadi kandram charchukovadam ladu direct ga eekada chasukovali

  • by sivannarayana Monday, 11 August 2014 19:57

    sir,maku 21-07-14 na papa puttindi,maku bangaru talli pathakani ki ela apply cheyyalo theliyadu,ela apply cheyyalo details na mail ki theliyajeya galara please.

  • by suresh palla Wednesday, 09 July 2014 15:25

    Dear sir/madam
    my female baby was born on 23/05/2014,but i can't able to apply this bangarutalli padakam due to the problem of white ration card.we dont have ration card. we have ration card copupons and we get the ration every month. our economical standerd is also under BPL. When we are going to apply Bangaruthalli pathakam they ask ration card. kindly suggest me which way i have to take for applying this schem.Kindly help me. Please send me the correct contact details or any phone numbers.

  • by vamsi Friday, 27 June 2014 11:39

    hai sar naku papa puttindi 23-05-2014 nenu bangarathalli padakam apply seyyedam yela please sar give ditails on my mail

  • by shankar Saturday, 31 May 2014 12:14

    sir na peru shankar naku 13 /06 /2012 tareekuna papa putindhi bangaru talli padakam apply chesukovacha ledha please teliya cheya galara

  • by Eshwar Monday, 19 May 2014 12:24

    sir ma papa putti 21-04-2014 how to apply bangaru talli padakam, and bangaruthalli padakaniki ememi kavali na mail id ki vivaralu pamputhara plz

  • by sumathi Friday, 25 April 2014 18:03

    Nenu bangarutalli padakam aplly chesi 3 months
    avtundi inthavaraku emi details thelidu.
    Elathelusukovalo na mailki theliyacheyandi .

  • by mobeena Thursday, 24 April 2014 09:14

    Nenu bangarutalli padakam apply chesi 3months avtundi inka money details Emi teliyaledu ela telusukovali dayachesi na mail ki reply ivandi Pls

  • by mobeena Thursday, 24 April 2014 09:14

    Nenu bangarutalli padakam apply chesi 3months avtundi inka money details Emi teliyaledu ela telusukovali dayachesi na mail ki reply ivandi Pls

  • by sugunakarbabu Wednesday, 23 April 2014 10:36

    sir ma papa putti 25-02-2014 how to apply bangaru talli padakam

  • by narender Tuesday, 15 April 2014 12:58

    plz sir give me detals ok

  • by jahnavi akula Monday, 07 April 2014 13:17

    Sir plz give me the details of with my mail id.

  • by thulla srikanth Monday, 17 March 2014 13:26

    10-3-2014 ki papa puttindhi how to apply bangaruthalli pathakam plese tell me

  • by naresh.p Saturday, 08 March 2014 15:03

    sir my daughter got the bangaru talli sheme but money no credit bank account .so please guedi me

  • by Meesala chaitra varshini Friday, 21 February 2014 12:18

    sir, we are applied for the scheme of bangaru thalli pathakam on this month of 03-2-2014. what is the status of my application, my baby name is Meesala chaitra varshini,DOB 04-06-2013 at kurnool. and how we can determine my status and also when it will be sanctioned. please give me the information to me as early as possible and give information to my mail . my mail is u sir.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • by T VEERA MAL REDDY Tuesday, 11 February 2014 11:56

    Dear,sir madam

    female baby was born on 29.12.2013 can we apply for the bangaru tali scheme what are the reqireemnts, i asked in anganwadi they r telling We they dont know About bangaru thalli patahakam u just ask in municipal office, pls let me know the details of that schem

  • by nagendra Monday, 10 February 2014 12:14

    bangaruthalli ki memu ela apply cheyali information kavali

  • by KAVETI BALAJIRAO Saturday, 08 February 2014 17:06

    hello sir my dughter bangaruthalli padhkam

  • by monica Wednesday, 05 February 2014 15:51

    My baby was born on 6th january2014. So pls tell me the period of documents to submit.

  • by Bapuji .ch Thursday, 16 January 2014 23:15

    Na peru bapuji ma papa 07-08-2013 puttindhi inka apply chayaleadhu detials kavali

  • by Bapuji .ch Thursday, 16 January 2014 23:00

    Na peru bapuji ma papa 07-08-2013 puttindhi inka apply chayaleadhu detials kavali

  • by srujana Sunday, 12 January 2014 12:32

    maaku july 27th -2013 roju papa puttindi,maaku white ration card,birth certificate anni vunnayi.kani inthavaraku memu apply chesukoledu.Hyderabad(Badaangpet---500058) lo ekkada apply chesukovali,processing details ,place teliyajeyagalaru

  • by ranga naik Saturday, 11 January 2014 16:38

    hello sir,

    maku white ration card vundi. ma papa 29-09-2013 na ma intidhaggara puttindhi kani maku ma village secretary martam papa birth certificate ivvadam ledhu thanu medical certificate kavali ani cheputhunnaru. hospital lo maku medicale certificate ivvadam ledhu memu ela apply chesukovali please guide us.

    than Q

  • by venkata ramana reddy.gangavaram Wednesday, 08 January 2014 19:18

    Sir, we are submitted my girl child BANGARUTALLI PATHAKAM documents on 23.12.2013. We want to know my child girl eligible or not. My child girl name gangavaram mahanya Reddy and mother name gangavaram aruna jyothi, address. Minnaiahgari palli, pendlimarri mandal, kadapa.dt

  • by Govindu Tuesday, 07 January 2014 16:16

    Sir, I have a daughter. Her name is Anjani.born on 3 july 2012 is applicable to bangaru thalli padakam. What is the procedure. How can we apply.

  • by seelam nagamani Wednesday, 01 January 2014 14:28

    Dear sir,

    bangaruthalli padakaniki ememi kavali na mail id ki vivaralu pamputhara plz

  • by seelam nagamani Wednesday, 01 January 2014 14:24

    Dear sir,

    this is nagamani recently borned femal on 28/11/13,i have andhrabank account no with my father surname.but anm asking want account no with your husband surname,i have no proof my husband surname.please give me solution
    thanks and regards

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