Blind vendor now a millionaire

April 23, 2015 17:34
Blind vendor now a millionaire

Blind people are not those who can see the world, are those who are unable to prove the world who they are, and what can do. According to this, there is another inspiring true story which not only inspires, but also educates.

Bhavesh Bhatia who is not completely visually blind initially, faced many challenges and overcame many difficulties, from all those what all he learned was kept aside, but what all he taught to the world actually matters here.

During this childhood, Bhatia's mother was infected with cancer and his father had spent most of the money on mother, but could not save her. At the age of 23, Bhatia's partial blindness turned into complete.
So at a particular stage, Bhatia was all alone left with no money in his hand. He then decided to stand on his feet. 

Bhavesh Bhatia Blind vendor millionaire

For this, he initially took training from National Association for the Blind (Mumbai) in 1999 who taught Bhatia to make plain candles. He learnt it out of the passion and that passion made him sell the same candles on a  cart  at local market in Mahabaleshwar (a popular hill station in Maharashtra), whose rent is Rs.50/day. He would keep a side Rs.25 to buy his supplies for the next day.

This continued for a number of days and one day a lady named Neeta came to him to purchase candles, both were instantly  in love with each other and this continued for few days and within no time both decided to marry and did it. After the marriage, Neeta gifted him a two wheeler which helped to go rounds in the street and sell the candles. This worked out well and the orders for candles got increased, so as the two wheeler is no more sufficient, they bought four wheeler and is now currently running the business on it very successfully 

By the way, those are Sunrise candles who uses 25 tonnes of wax a day to manufacture their 9,000 designs of plain, scented and aromatherapy candles.

They purchase their wax from the UK. Their client list includes Reliance Industries, Ranbaxy, Big Bazaar, Naroda Industries and the Rotary Club.

This is the perfect example of a word called “determination” and anyone who possess this can always be successful in spite of few difficulties initially. In fact those difficulties will actually pave the way for success, isn't it..?
By Phani

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